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The Indoor Playground Experience

With the weather getting colder and different restrictions remaining in place regarding the novel coronavirus, you may be looking for ways for you and your children to get out of the house for some fun. As a result, you may have turned to research about kids’ indoor playgrounds. 

To help guide you through the indoor playground experience, here’s everything you’ll need to know to have a fun, safe time with your children. 

Introduction to Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, a quick search for indoor playgrounds near you may yield several options, each one being slightly different from the next. This is because indoor playgrounds are just like outdoor playgrounds — unique!

Some indoor playgrounds are designed for younger or older children, while others provide an experience that’s fun for the entire family. At Jumbaloo Playgrounds, our specialized indoor playground based near Toronto, we’ve designed our space to suit a wide age range of children with several different events offered.  

The Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds

With so many indoor playgrounds available, you may be wondering what the exact benefits of indoor playgrounds are. While it may be surprising, there are many!

First, kids’ indoor playgrounds provide your child with the opportunity to get some exercise in. This is especially beneficial during the winter months, or on rainy days when it can be harder to find activities for your child to burn energy. 

Indoor playgrounds also allow your children to socialize with other kids and meet new friends. Childhood is one of the best times for your child to start building necessary social skills — and they’ll also learn important soft skills such as problem-solving, communication and sharing. From the different activities offered in indoor playgrounds to the abundance of friends that may come from different backgrounds, there’s no shortage of learning opportunities. 

If you’re unfamiliar with indoor playgrounds, however, picking the right one for you and your child can be difficult. 

How to Choose an Indoor Playground 

One of the most important things to look for when choosing the right indoor playground is safety. While it’s impossible to completely remove the risk of an accident, you’ll want to choose an indoor playground that is designed to be as safe as possible. This includes looking for things such as sharp corners, exposed hardware like screws or nails or loose equipment.

Hygiene is also important — especially in response to COVID-19 and our upcoming flu season. You’ll want to make sure that the indoor playground you choose cleans often — preferably with an EPA-approved disinfectant designed to kill the majority of illness-spreading germs.

You’ll also want to check and make sure any waste is disposed of property away from the play areas. Many indoor playgrounds don’t allow food or drink in the play area — this is a good addition to prevent any trash or germs.

Security measures are also something that you may want to take into consideration. This includes making sure all the exits are in sight, as well as that there is a sitting area near your children so you can keep an eye on them while they play.

Final Thoughts 

Kids’ indoor playgrounds are a great way to let your child run out extra energy in a safe, controlled environment. At Jumbaloo Playgrounds, we are proud to be a safe, sanitary and exciting indoor playground located in Mississauga and serving the Greater Toronto Area.

In order to help make sure your child is as safe as possible, we have increased our hygiene measures and are requiring PPE to help maintain a safe, healthy area. For more information on play hours as well as other special events, contact us today. You can also call to learn more about the precautions we’re taking to help control the spread of COVID-19 and keep both you and your children safe!