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Halloween 2020: How To Celebrate At Home

Halloween is looking a lot different this year, unfortunately. As we adjust to a ‘new normal’ that took us far beyond what everyone was expecting — remember everyone saying ‘it’ll just be two weeks!’ in March? We do too. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. For many families, it’s meant more time adventuring and time spent together. For many people overall, it’s meant trying new recipes, new hobbies, new careers and lots of DIY projects. 

If your community has put the kibosh on trick or treating this year, you’re not alone. Many townships and cities across Canada have done the same — and for good reason. It’s hard to maintain social distancing by walking up to someone’s door!

You might be asking yourself what on earth you will do for Halloween this year. Which falls on a Saturday, we might add, so you know your littles will be extra amped up with the Halloween spirit all day long! 

Here are a few tips we’ve conjured from our cauldron here at Jumbaloo: 


Fun and quick DIY Halloween costumes

If you have a trick or treating bubble, restrictions haven’t been placed on your community as heavily as others. Or if you simply want to dress your children up in a Halloween costume, here are some tried and true costumes that can be easily made from home. 

The Old Man A men’s flannel or button-up shirt, an old cap or hat, some ratty jeans or cords and some brown lip liner or eyeliner are all you need. Fashion some facial hair on your little guy or gal, and you’ve got the old man chic look down. Bonus points if you have some old suspenders!

The Black CatThis one is so simple, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to throw together. Some black lip liner or eyeliner to draw on the nose and whiskers paired with a black shirt, black pants/leggings and you’re all set! Even if you have to purchase a cat ear headband, it’s great to have on hand for future costume needs. Alternatively, you can craft some super simple pigtail buns as your ‘ears.’

The CowWe love this one in particular for babies and toddlers! All you need is a white hat, sweater, pants, a very small amount of black and pink felt, a bit of craft glue, an egg carton and some very light pink paint. 


Halloween Inspired Treats

Monster Pizza BitesTake small pita breads, some pizza sauce and shredded cheese and top with 2 black olives for some spooky eyes! Very easy and microwave-friendly.

PB & J Sandwiches All you need is the regular peanut butter and jam fixings and some Halloween cutouts! Bats, ghosts and cats galore. 

Mummy in a blanketA spooky twist on the classic puff pastry: pigs in a blanket. Wrap the cut-up hot dogs all the way so that meat barely shows, and top with green peas for ‘eyes.’


Halloween Craft Ideas

Ghostly leavesGrab some fallen leaves from outside, paint the leaves white and add some black eyes. Use them for general Halloween decor by attaching them to a string and hanging them or arrange them on end tables or the dining room table.

Spooky spider cookiesTasty and scary! You just need a black sandwich-style cookie, pretzels and some small marshmallows, with a touch of black frosting for the eyes!


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