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A Parent’s Guide to Birthday Parties

Here at Jumbaloo, we know that COVID-19 has hit every family differently. Parents are stressed, kids are confused, and you might wonder how to celebrate milestones like birthdays in a safe way. 

Birthdays for kids under 12 are especially important. Having your child’s friends come to the house for a fun and sugar-filled birthday party is a memorable occasion.

Things might look a bit different now, but we’ve put together a handy guide with tips on how you can make your child’s birthday party memorable even in these uncertain and difficult times.


Unique Party Ideas

Planning a children’s birthday party can be stressful even when not faced with a global pandemic. Aside from seasonal obstacles like a thunderstorm during a pool party or a snowstorm affecting travel to and from your home, there are other considerations like making or catering the cake, meals, and how many children will be in attendance. 

Here are a few unique kids party ideas to brainstorm with:

  • Plan an outdoor barbecue. Include delicacies like hot dogs, burgers, and a few easy salads. For fun, drag the sprinklers out or prepare a few inflatable pools to cool off. An outdoor gathering makes it easy to social distance while enjoying quality time with your children and their friends. 
  • Family camping trip. This activity can be extended year-round, depending on your family’s appetite for adventure. You can swap the birthday cake for s’mores and have an easy supper of spider dogs. 
  • Skating is a great outdoor activity if your child’s birthday falls during the wintertime. Check out your city’s recreation website page for details on rink times or find a local spot in your neighborhood for free. The kids will work up a fair appetite, though, so be sure to have plenty of healthy(ish) snacks prepared before cake and present time. Most rinks will have a recreation room or space for rent, so transportation is made easier. 

Finally, try out an indoor playground. Indoor playgrounds like Jumbaloo provide kids with a stimulating environment that allows them to exercise, utilize their motor skills, their team-building skills, and best of all – have a blast. Jumbaloo is still offering party packages at competitive prices during these uncertain times, so your child can still enjoy time with their family and friends during their birthday.


Planning Tips

When planning a kid’s party, have the details solidified beforehand to ensure the celebrations go as smoothly as possible. Of course, with kids, you’ll want to expect some hiccups! Here are a few party-planning tips we think are the most important:

  • Create and stick to your budget. Party planning is full of surprise costs. Be sure to research and allocate funds for cake costs, gifts, meals and decorations for the party with an extra ‘surprise’ fund. 
  • Make a list of who is invited and send invitations at least 2-3 weeks in advance, and follow up with parents at least a week before the event. It is especially important to have a headcount during COVID-19. If your area has restrictions on who can be in your home or at a venue, be sure to abide by those rules.
  • Make a list of all food, snacks, beverages, and be sure to purchase ahead of time. Of course, at Jumbaloo, our base level party packages offer 2 extra-large pizzas with snack add-on options, so that step is taken care of!


Safety Tips

  • Be sure there are enough adults to supervise the children in attendance. 
  • If masks are required, ensure every child is wearing one properly and encourage proper hand washing and the use of sanitizers regularly.
  • Ensure each child eats off of their own plate with no sharing.
  • Ensure you’re aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions before food is served.


Call the party planning experts at Jumbaloo today!

The Mississauga based team at Jumbaloo is dedicated to keeping our indoor playground safe for your children to enjoy. We have implemented strict cleaning procedures that have allowed us to remain open at reduced capacity during these unprecedented times. We can assist you in planning a safe and enjoyable birthday party for your child.

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