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Movember With Kids

With November approaching, you might be hearing frequent talk of moustaches and Movember. “What is Movember?”, you ask. During November, people grow moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and men’s suicide. 

To take part in Movember, get ready to grow your Movember moustache and donate online at Can’t grow a moustache? There are a number of other ways to show your support on the Movember website.

Movember is a great opportunity to raise awareness and involve the kids as well. Read on to discover a few ways to get your kids involved in Movember. 


Communicate the Significance of Movember

Before you get started on any fun Movember activities, you should explain to your kids the significance of Movember, what it is, and the meaning behind the moustache.

At first, they might be wary of these new moustaches and reluctant about the change (“What’s that fuzzy thing on dad’s face!?”), but once they know the meaning, they will likely appreciate the effort. It can also reinforce the importance of taking care of their health and body. It is never too early to teach about health and the importance of healthy habits and healthy eating.

Movember is an exciting time to get together and learn more about dad. Fathers often feel shuttered out of family activities, but now with that great moustache sprouting, they can feel proud of the example they are setting for their kids. There is a strong link between fatherhood and mental health, and it’s vital that fathers feel like they are involved in their kids’ lives and confident about the effort they put in.


Let’s Get Moustachey

Once your kids are aware of the Movember moustache, chances are they will want one of their own. Unless your four-year-old can magically grow one, you will have to get creative. You can use a washable marker to draw a fun homemade moustache, use their favourite creamy drink (whip cream moustache, anyone?), make moustache bow ties, cut and glue a moustache on a stick, or you can purchase fun clothes and accessories with moustaches on them. Many retailers are aware of the campaign and sell an assortment of Movember-themed items. 

Do not hesitate to go all out and create a Movember costume that your kids will wear with pride as they raise awareness for this vital cause.


Let Them Help With Fundraising 

Now that the kids are equipped with their Movember costumes, it’s time to involve them in some fundraising activities. Communicate the idea of a campaign and the fun things you can do together to raise money for Movember. 

 You could bake some Movember moustache cookies – who doesn’t love cookies? You could create Movember crafts such as Movember mustache kits, T-shirts, headbands, pins, bracelets, and more. Encourage your child to use their imagination and think of fun ways to make money for your campaign. 

Do not forget to take advantage of those adorable moustaches and use photos of your kids donning moustaches to encourage your family and friends to participate.


Jumbaloo Playgrounds

We hope you have enjoyed our recommendations for how to involve your kids in Movember and raise awareness for men’s health. We recognize the importance of this campaign and are very happy to suggest a few ideas for getting kids involved. We would love to see your kids and their Movember moustaches at Jumbaloo Playgrounds during November.

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