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Tips For Teaching Your Toddler How to Share

Toddlers are tiny people full of energy, fun and emotions – lots of emotions. Because toddlers are new to the world, they are not yet accustomed to managing these big emotions. One particular hurdle parents encounter during the toddler age is teaching their toddler how to share, which can incite some of those big emotions. 

Because toddlers spend their first year or so at the forefront of their parents’ world, they are often not familiar with the concept of sharing. Toddler sharing tantrums are bound to happen, but they are a natural part of growing up and can be great teachable moments.

To help ease the stress of multiple sharing tantrums, here are four tips for teaching your young one how to share.


Start at a Young Age

Children are capable of establishing many healthy habits at a very young age. Your child can learn the fundamentals of sharing by the time they are picking up objects and playing with toys. You can teach them to share by taking turns with the objects or toys. 

Once your child has picked up the toy, ask them to hand it to you and then proceed to hand it back. This small – but crucial – interaction teaches toddlers that sharing can be fun, and they will ultimately get the object back.


Be a Role Model 

 This tip is relatively straightforward: modelling good sharing behaviour for your toddler can demonstrate to them that sharing is fun and a desirable thing to do. Ask if you can take turns playing with your toddler’s toys, engage with them, and show them how you share with other adults as well. 

You can even share your own items with your toddler. Offer to let them share your favourite chair or share your snack with them. Not only does this illustrate how to share, but they’ll learn how good it feels to have other people share with them, too.


Bring a Timer to Playdates 

 Playdates are a fun way for kids to learn how to interact positively and play with each other. During a playdate, you might come across your first toddler sharing tantrum. There’s no toy more popular than a toy another child currently has. 

It can be an excellent idea to use a timer in these moments. It serves as a gentle reminder that each person gets an opportunity to play. Set the timer, and when the time runs outs, it means it’s time to share the toy.


Use Descriptive Praise

 Last but certainly not least, ensure you praise your child for a job well done. Emphasize how they made their friend happy by sharing their toys. By helping them be aware of the positive outcomes of their actions, you encourage them to continue this behaviour and feel good about it.


It Takes Time

 Don’t beat yourself up if your toddler doesn’t instantly grasp what sharing means. It will happen over time with continued modelling and practice.


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