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Welcoming Reading Month: Tips to Make Reading Fun

Instilling an affinity for reading in your children does not need to be complicated. The joy of reading should be met with enthusiasm as an alternative for the common pleasures kids find comfort in. While staring at a tablet is probably the go-to distraction for kids, reading can be more rewarding and beneficial for a child’s development and their sense of imagination. 

If you want to see your kids reading books on a more regular basis, give these tips a try. 


Keep the topics interesting 

Forcing topics you find interesting onto your children is not the most effective way to ignite passion for literature. The best way to make reading fun for your child is to give them some agency in what they read. We recommend visiting your local library and letting your kid loose in the children’s section. 

The moment you place an ounce of control over what they can and cannot read, you will quickly diminish any chance of getting your child interested in books. With that said, if they do come to you for help in what to read, you can steer them in a direction they might favour. Try thinking about your child’s interests, and help them find books that relate to them. 


Read aloud 

Kids absolutely love it when you read aloud. Have fun with this by performing the story with different voices. When they get comfortable with reading themselves, try including them in some bits of dialogue. Reading aloud also helps your kids understand how to pronounce words and makes them feel more engaged with the story.


Make a special spot for reading 

Every avid reader needs a comfortable reading nook. Create a special spot for your kids to read in peace, so they will feel more inclined to open a book. Make it super cozy with blankets, pillows, pretty lights, and even a tent. You can also set the ambiance with some reading music, usually calm instrumental music. 


Have a read-in 

Instead of movie night, why not host a read-in for your family to enjoy? Have your child choose the book, and everyone can take turns to read aloud. Afterwards, you can discuss the story. Think of it as a sort of book club, and you can even invite your child’s friends over and make the read-in part of a sleepover activity.


Reward wisely – avoid screen time as rewards

The great thing about reading is all the worlds that become open to your child. They are exposed to a wealth of knowledge, which encourages them to learn more. Instead of rewarding them with more screen time, think of better ways to expand their interest in learning new things.

If your child has been reading about dinosaurs, why not take a trip to your local museum? Or have they been reading about animals? Then a trip to a zoo should be in order. 

The point is to nurture that innate desire to learn about the world around them. Books are a great starting point; it is up to you as the parent to continue exposing your child to enriching learning experiences. 


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