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4 Fun Fall Activities for Your Little Ones

As summer comes to a close, it is essential to remember that the fun does not stop when school starts. You are encouraged to plan fun fall activities for your kids, so they can have a healthy balance between homework and having fun as a family during weekends.

Consider taking them on nature walks or going apple picking. Other ideas include having fun through some creative leaf art or heading to your local library for some quality reading time. Read on for some fun activities you can do with your kids this fall.

Go on a Nature Walk

Fall is an ideal time to get out of the house and explore the great outdoors. The temperature outside is no longer scorching hot, and the foliage is a sight to behold as it changes from a bright green to different shades of red, yellow, and orange. Allow your children to explore without too many restrictions, all while keeping a close eye on them for their safety. 

A stroll on the nearby nature trail at your local park will surely lead your child to a new world of wonder, where they learn about the ecosystems they share with wildlife. On top of getting some fresh air, your children can bring home some souvenirs such as remarkable rocks, a pretty bouquet of wildflowers, or some leaves to later turn into leaf art.

Make Leaf Art 

Kids love being creative, and one of the most popular fall activities for kids includes the impressive foliage that makes its way onto the ground every autumn. All you need are a collection of leaves, some craft paper, glue, and other decorative embellishments to add the final touches to the art piece. 

There is no limit to what your child can create with the leaves, from drawing a tree trunk and gluing the leaves to create an autumnal tree or perhaps using short red leaves to create a lion with a full mane of hair. 

The kids can even create a turkey using the leaves as feathers; this would be a good idea for Thanksgiving celebrations. Encourage your children to be creative and let them express themselves through their art.

Read Some Books About Autumn 

What is a good fall-related activity for kids? We often think of heading outside when trying to entertain our children, but a visit to the library is time well spent. Reading can be just as fun as playing in the park. 

You can use your time at the library as an opportunity to teach your children about the changes in seasons and what causes them to happen. The books you read can also expose children to other popular activities and traditions that many participate in during the fall. 

There is the harvesting season for many farmers, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and apple picking (not to mention all the baking that comes with a bushel of apples).

Go Apple Picking 

Probably the most popular of the outdoor fall activities mentioned, apple picking has become a staple for many children. Often done as part of a school field trip in some parts of North America, apple picking is an ideal activity because kids adore exploring the orchard and searching for the best possible apples to pick. 

It becomes a fun game of who can fill up their basket or bag the quickest. Kids enjoy seeing the fruits of their labour turned into the most delicious desserts ranging from apple pie to apple turnovers and, of course, apple sauce. 

You can even get them involved and teach them the basics of baking. Apples also make a great snack on their own and are healthy. 

Looking for Another Fun Option?

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