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5 Easy Fall Activities to Do With Your Kids

The changing seasons bring many opportunities for fall activities with your children. Since most of us are kids at heart anyway, fun ideas for the kids are also the chance to relive our favourite childhood memories and traditions.

Break out your autumn sweaters and get ready for plenty of giggles and bonding over these fun and inexpensive activities this fall.

Go on a Nature Hike

Fresh air is always good for the lungs and the spirit, and kids love to venture out for nature hikes. Coming across wildlife, discovering interesting little creeks, and jumping around in the falling leaves are all tantalizing good fun for adventurous young minds. 

Exposing children to the outdoors engages all the senses, from crackling leaves underfoot to taking in the changing colours around them. You also get the chance to share some of the knowledge your family gave you as a child, which makes your nature hike a teaching moment too.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Everyone has to eat, but kids get bored quickly. So take your meal outdoors with the bonus of playing at the park. A picnic can be finger food, taco Tuesday, or all the bells and whistles with potato salad. 

Even something as simple as a picnic can spark adventure and creativity. With the park nearby, they can interact with other children, invite friends for playdates, and enjoy the jungle gym. 

Make Pumpkin-Flavoured Baked Goods

Some of the best memories come from baking together in the kitchen, and fall is the perfect time to savour pumpkin-flavoured goodies and other seasonal delectable treats. Tastes and smells help cement memories in the brain, and cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and apples are all delicious ingredients that warm the belly.

Add baking to your list of fall activities, especially on days when the weather doesn’t allow for happy outdoor playtime. Whether you make pumpkin cookies, pie, or muffins, all are yummy snacks kids enjoy. Also, consider bobbing for apples and then making an apple pie from the spoils! 

Create Scarecrows Out of Old Clothes and Sticks

Scarecrows aren’t just for farmer’s fields. They make a fun addition to your front yard or doorstep and give your child plenty to chat about with friends. Thankfully, they are relatively easy to make and don’t cost hardly anything.

While on your nature hike, remember to gather some long straight sticks of various lengths. To make your scarecrows, you will need the following:

  • Old clothing, hats, and boots
  • Sticks or wooden broom handles
  • Sturdy craft twine
  • Old pillowcases or burlap
  • Felt markers
  • Straw or cotton batting

Stuff pillowcases or burlap to form a torso and head, then dress them in the clothing. Allow your kids to choose what they wear and draw a face. 

Read Stories by the Fire

Children love the comfort of snuggling in for story time, so why not read to them by the fireplace with comfy blankets? Or, if the weather permits, have a Weiner roast at the park and follow it up with smores and your favourite story from your childhood.

Reading together sets the stage for your kids to become readers themselves. It also presents fun ideas for kids to explore the world around them and ask questions as they learn.

Build Lasting Traditions Indoors and Out

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