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Tips for Helping Your Kids Develop Good Playground Behaviour

Going to the playground with your kids can be a thrilling experience. It’s a place full of adventure and new experiences, but it also comes with its own set of rules and regulations that must be always followed. Teaching your children how to play safely and responsibly on the playground is essential for their safety and well-being. Here are some tips for helping your kids develop good playground behavior.

Set a Positive Example
One of the most effective ways to help your children learn good playground behavior is by setting a positive example. Through modelling appropriate behavior while you’re at the playground, you can show them what they should do when interacting with others as well as how to stay safe while playing on equipment or other activities. Make sure you also explain why certain behaviors are important, such as taking turns, following safety rules, and being respectful towards others.

Emphasize Kindness
Teaching your children how to treat others kindly while they’re playing is key in teaching them to develop good playground behavior. Letting them know that words like teasing or name-calling are mean-spirited isn’t enough; encourage them to be kind by showing empathy whenever possible and helping friends who may need assistance when playing games. Making sure that everyone plays together fairly is crucial for teaching kids about kindness and cooperation with one another in the playground environment.

Have Clear Rules
Set limits for your children before they go into the playground so that they know what’s expected of them when they get there. Establishing clear boundaries helps prevent any potential misbehavior from occurring while they’re having fun on the playground equipment or participating in activities with other children. Explain what kind of behavior will not be tolerated (e.g., pushing people off playsets) and explain why these behaviors are unacceptable so your child has an understanding of what’s acceptable and what isn’t in different situations at the park or other places where there might be more people present.

Praise Good Behavior
It’s important to praise your child whenever he/she does something right or shows good behavior at the playground so that he/she continues to perform these deeds on future visits as well. Give positive reinforcement such as verbal encouragement–“Great job! You shared nicely today!” –or even small rewards like treats if appropriate to incentivize desirable actions during their next visit outdoors or elsewhere where interaction with strangers is likely to occur.

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