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Why You Should Send Your Kid to Camp

As summer approaches and you’re asking yourself how to keep your kids busy during all that free time, you might be considering sending them to a summer camp

Sending your kids to a summer camp can be a lifesaver if you aren’t able to have them at home all day or if you understand that a social setting is the best environment for them to release their energy.

Below, we break down why summer camp is important for your children, as a whole, and what are its benefits. 

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The Importance of Summer Camps

When it comes to summer camps for kids, it’s honestly a place where they can enjoy themselves and look back at it with fondness. 

They create bonds with new friends that are different from their school friends and get to enjoy each other in an atmosphere that is all play and no work. In the meantime, they still learn to be kind, caring, fair, and trustworthy.

Going to summer day- or away camps help children learn a sense of living in a community that is very different from an academic one or one they may have if they are part of a religious group. It helps children become a bit more independent, resourceful, and even resilient. 

Not only do kids get to play and have fun at a summer camp, but they also remain intellectually engaged as it allows for children to keep learning, staying interactive, and enjoying themselves at the same time. 

Benefits of the Summer Camp Experience

Much like school, summer camp is a learning experience for children. It helps their developmental skills and opens their eyes to new experiences, ways of thinking, and helps them meet new people outside of an academic setting. 

Learning through play has great developmental benefits and that is why summer camps are so important for your children. Moreover, having physical playtimes like running and climbing helps support muscle strength and endurance.


At summer camp, kids can learn about teamwork by working in groups on different activities, enhance their social skills, and learn to be a little more self-sufficient. 

Kids get to participate in group activities where they have to learn to properly communicate with other children and camp counselors, as well as do some problem-solving. Teamwork is a valuable lesson that we all should learn, and summer camp is the perfect setting for it. It teaches children that sometimes the best way to do something is in a group and not alone.

Independence and Social Skills

A shy child might shine in this environment because they can be their uninhibited selves. They can become more independent and trust themselves and their inner voice. Summer camp can also boost your children’s self-esteem as they become more and more self-reliant. 


Camp is a safe environment where parents don’t have to worry about leaving their child for a certain time. Children get to make ever-lasting friendships with each other and learn to give help when needed by others. Not only that, but kids also feel a sense of purpose and it is a fun reason to get up in the morning, instead of feeling sluggish and bored. 

By the time their school year starts again, they feel energized and ready to learn. 

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