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How to Spread Christmas Cheer With Kids

Christmas 2021 is approaching, and it’s looking a bit more normal than the previous year. Children have been navigating the pandemic like the little superheroes they are, and they deserve a Christmas like we had growing up: surrounded by family, festivities, and fun.

Our experts in everything fun at Jumbaloo Playgrounds have compiled an exciting list of how to spread Christmas cheer with kids. We call it Operation Christmas.


Bake Christmas Cookies for Friends and Family

What better way to start spreading Christmas cheer than Christmas baking? Christmas and baking go together like peanut butter and jelly, candy canes and gingerbread, or marshmallows and hot chocolate! You get the idea. A classic favourite is the Christmas cookie. These festive treats are traditionally sugar cookies cut into fun Christmas shapes like trees and bells, dusted with sprinkles. They’re easy to make and so fun. They’re also great to share with family and friends! Pack up a batch of these in a festive box and gift them to a friend or neighbour. You’re bound to put a smile on someone’s face.


Decorate the House 

Studies show that people who put their Christmas tree up early are happier, so that means there’s no need to wait until December 1st before you start spreading Christmas cheer throughout your home. Your children will be delighted when you pull out those lights and ornaments, and will surely be eager to help decorate. 


Sing Christmas Carols 

Singing Christmas carols is another activity perfect for enjoying that Christmas spirit. There is no other holiday with quite the same array of music. As soon as the department stores start playing our favourite Christmas classics, we know the holiday season is here. Get your kids in the spirit by putting together Christmas karaoke, or impress your neighbours the old fashion way with door-to-door singing (from a safe distance, of course). 


Donate Spare Change 

Make donating spare change to those in need part of your Operation Christmas. There are lots of organizations accepting donations, and demand is incredibly high around the holidays.

Helping those less fortunate is an important life lesson, and there’s no better season than Christmas to teach your kids the importance of generosity. Whether you find an online organization for spare change collection, or donate directly to a homeless shelter, a little bit goes a long way.


Donate Toys 

Another great way to spread cheer and give back is by donating toys. Christmas 2021 might look different for many families, and donating a toy or two could bring holiday delight to someone in your community. It’s also a simple but meaningful gesture to share with your children. Find a toy donation location at your local mall or supermarket.


Organize a Fundraiser or Food Drive 

Take the spirit of giving even further by organizing a fundraiser or a food drive. Again, many families do without. Collecting food donations is a wonderful way to ensure less fortunate families can enjoy nice Christmas meals too. You can also encourage your child to organize a bake sale or fundraiser by themselves to raise money for families in need.


Come Play at Jumbaloo

Now that you and your kids are in the Christmas spirit, our team at Jumbaloo would love to see those beaming smiles at our indoor playground.

We are thrilled to be open and adhering to Covid-19 rules and regulations for your safety.

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