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Tips to Encourage Constructive Playtime

You might be asking: why is playtime important to child development?  Incorporating constructive play into your child’s daily routines is a great way to facilitate the growth of existing skills and build new ones. 

With the use of blocks, markers, play-doh, or any toy that a child can manipulate to create something new. Children ignite their curiosity while exploring their creativity, improving math skills, and enhancing their vocabulary. 

This powerful learning tool is a fun way to engage numerous skills and create confidence in your child. The following tips will help you incorporate constructive play into your child’s daily routine.


Stick To the Basics

Playtime comes naturally to kids, and we don’t need to overthink it or over-plan when engaging our kids in constructive play. If you provide your child with the tools for constructive play, trust them to choose which toys to play with. 

Try to keep the selection to a minimum, that way they don’t get overstimulated and can’t focus. You can simply lay out some crayons and paper and let your child explore their capabilities, as well as encourage them to try new things or provide your child with building blocks and watch their imagination flourish.


Ask Questions and Be Present to Answer

As your child engages with constructive playtime toys, ensure that you are with them, asking them questions about what they are working on, answering any questions they may have, and assisting them when needed. Your presence will inspire them and encourage them to be confident in their ability to learn and explore new types of play. 

Your company will also improve their ability to communicate and work with others. If they see you building something, they will most likely want to join in and work together.


Use Sensorially Pleasing Objects

Sensory is an essential part of play as it engages all the child’s senses, including touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. Using their senses during playtime allows children to develop many critical skills like coordination, motor skills, cooperation, and more. When choosing constructive playtime toys, it’s essential to select sensory-pleasing objects, including materials such as wood, metal, sand, and other items with unique consistencies and textures. 

Engaging your child with constructive sensory play is also a great way to calm them if they feel rambunctious. A gooey ball of slime or a bowl of colorful spaghetti noodles is the perfect way to divert their attention and get them focusing on an activity they can genuinely benefit from.


Create a Calm and Not Overwhelming Play Space

When deciding on an area you want to allocate to constructive play for your child, it’s important to ensure the space is ample enough but not overwhelmed with other distractions. Your child will need an area where they can freely build, construct, and create with the freedom of being nosey and potentially messy.

A great way to keep your child’s play space organized is by investing in several storage bins and labeling them in accordance with each constructive activity. They can have a bin for crafts, blocks, etc. Allowing your child the choice between containers is also a great way to encourage independence and decision-making.


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