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Creative Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start With Your Kids

February is fun-loving, especially for children. The world needs more love without commercial pressure into gift buying, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to engage your little ones with Cupid-approved kid-friendly activities

We’ve comprised a list of family time fun to build new Valentine’s Day traditions and lasting core memories.


Read Love-Themed Bedtime Stories

Reading to your children provides a sense of adventure and security, even comfort from the sound of your voice. Love-themed bedtime stories are the perfect way to explore playful ways the story’s character expresses love or even who gives it to them.

Books are full of teaching opportunities that show healthy ways to give and receive love and even laugh at the comical ways Cupid gets involved. Curling up with your kids over a book is a love language they will never forget.


Decorate With DIY Paper Hearts

Breaking out the craft paper, glitter, stickers, and pipe cleaners thrills kids of any age, including grown-ups! Creating your own Valentine’s Day paper hearts allows everyone to let their inner Cupid out with bursts of colour and imagination.

You can use them as fun decorations around your front door, around the dining room table, or as gifts for each other’s rooms. Their happy bursts of colour will surely bring a smile to your face every time you see them.


Do Random Acts of Kindness

Giving love is as simple as holding a door open, giving a care package to someone in need, or helping a neighbour shovel snow. Kids love the chance to do nice things for others, and it boosts their sense of self-worth at the same time.

Ask your kids to sit down and write out a list of what they feel are random acts of kindness and how they can participate. Then, gather any needed supplies and plan a special day full of spreading love and joy to others.


Have a Cozy Movie Night

Some of the best family time comes from watching a movie together. So, why not make it Valentine’s Day themed? Perhaps dinner and a movie are in store, where heart-shaped pancakes with raspberries and pink whipped cream are sure to please—pre-make fun little grab bags with popcorn and candies.

Then, pick two or three of your favourite love-themed movies and go one step further and create a cushion fort, Valentine’s snacks you made together and complete the event with improvised costumes.


Craft Cards for Loved Ones

A handmade Valentine’s Day card is always more meaningful, and children put a lot of heart into their creations. For the recipient, it is a touching keepsake that overjoys and delights far past the occasion. 

Find several Valentine’s Day card ideas online, then help your child select their materials. For example, you could paint the wooden part of a tree and use your child’s fingerprint for the leaves, forming a heart canopy. 

There are many designs to pick from; some may involve more of your help. Or, your child may prefer to design the whole thing themselves and personally deliver their creation.


Take Your Kids for A Fun Playdate

Nothing is cuter than watching children deliver their Valentines to their friends and family and seeing their reactions. So why not set up a special Valentine’s Day playdate at Jumbaloo Playgrounds in Mississauga, ON.? With an enormous indoor jungle gym and activities, your kiddos can delight in imaginative games to their heart’s content, then settle into an event room for organized fun.

Spread the love with your children this Valentine’s Day at Jumbaloo! Arrange your playdate online or by calling 905-785-3990 now!