Group of small nursery school children with man teacher sitting on floor indoors in classroom, doing exercise.
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Getting Creative with Exercises for Kids of All Ages

Exercise is a key part of good physical and mental health, especially in children. As parents, we want our kids to get plenty of exercise, but it can be hard to make it enjoyable for them. In this blog post, we’ll explore ways to get creative with exercises for kids of all ages so they can have fun while staying fit and healthy.

Variety is Key
One of the main things to keep in mind is that variety is key when it comes to finding exercises that your kids enjoy doing. Doing the same activity every day can cause boredom, so mix up their routine every couple days or so. If you’re taking your children outdoors, try different sports like basketball or soccer; if they prefer more low-key activities, consider playing catch with them in your backyard or teaching them some yoga poses.

Keep Goals Realistic
It’s important not to set too-high expectations for your child when it comes to exercising – instead, focus on helping them build up positive habits. Keep their goals realistic and achievable by setting small daily goals that track their progress over time and celebrate successes when they occur. Make sure your child understands that any goal worth achieving takes consistent effort and dedication over a period of time. This will help create a habit out of exercising rather than trying to do too much too quickly.

Games and Challenges
The best way to ensure your child stays engaged in physical activity is through games and challenges. These can be anything from active charades (where you act out different animals or objects) to scavenger hunts in the park (where different items have been hidden). Not only are these activities fun for everyone involved, but they also encourage imagination and exploration – perfect if you want your children to develop motor skills as well as physical fitness.

Incorporating Technology
Let’s face it – kids love technology! Take advantage of this by incorporating gadgets such as tablets into their exercise regime – there are tons of apps available which provide interactive workouts featuring cartoon characters which aim to make working out both fun and educational at the same time! Just make sure you check age recommendations before purchasing anything – some apps may be inappropriate for younger children!

Encouraging Independent Exercise
When dealing with older kids who may be getting ready for puberty, encouraging independent exercise becomes even more important – giving young people the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health not only teaches valuable life lessons but also helps them feel empowered about their bodies! Remind them about how regular exercise can benefit both their physical and mental health – once they become aware of how beneficial something like running or swimming could be for them, chances are they’ll start participating in those activities more often without having much encouragement from you!

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring – try getting creative with different ways you can incorporate physical activity into your family life! For more ideas on improving kid’s physical skills while having fun at the same time contact Jumbaloo today 🤗


Group of kids playing at the playground in summer day
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Benefits of Summer Camp: What Kids Learn and Take Away

Summer camp is an experience that can have a lasting impact on children. It provides them with the opportunity to develop skills, build relationships, and make lifelong memories. But what are some of the specific benefits of summer camp? What do kids get to learn and take away from their time spent away from home?

At summer camp, kids learn to be independent. They’re encouraged to take care of everyday tasks independently, such as getting dressed in the morning and brushing their teeth before bedtime. Camp counsellors give clear directions on how to complete these tasks so that children understand the expectations and are held accountable for their own responsibilities. Through this experience, kids learn responsibility and gain a sense of self-sufficiency.

Kids also gain confidence at summer camp. They have a chance to try new activities like rock climbing, canoeing, or outdoor cooking — activities they may not get a chance to do throughout the year — which helps them step outside of their comfort zones and push themselves further than they would at home. This newfound confidence carries over into other aspects of life beyond camp and gives children the courage needed to tackle difficult challenges.

Summer camp also teaches kids important social skills like empathy and communication. Through daily interactions with peers in structured settings, kids become adept at expressing their emotions and understanding the emotions of others. Camp encourages problem-solving among groups as everyone works together towards a common goal — like how best to pitch a tent or raft down a river — teaching cooperation through collaboration.

Finally, summer camp cultivates creativity in children as they explore new ideas and engage in creative activities like arts & crafts or music & drama classes. It’s here where imagination runs wild! Kids often come up with unique solutions to problems while having fun within an accepting environment free from judgement by adults or peers back home — allowing them more freedom to experiment with different approaches confidently.

In short, summer camp helps children gain independence, build confidence, practice important social skills, and nurture creativity! Whether it’s through sports tournaments or musical performances, each activity teaches valuable lessons that stay with kids well beyond their weeks spent at camp! If you’d like more information about Jumbaloo’s summer camps for your child, contact us today!