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Preparing Your Kids for Back to School

Within the last year and a half, with the COVID-19 pandemic having disrupted most “normal” school routines, the words “back to school” have had a very different meaning. It has been difficult for so many adults and children alike to get excited about being in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual. However, with case counts dropping and vaccinations on the rise, a normal, in-person school year looks like it’s finally within reach.

At Jumbaloo, we believe this is a time to celebrate! Going back to school is always something both parents and children look forward to, and as we near the hopeful-end of this strange and unprecedented time, going back to school is now seen as more exciting than ever; a win, a victory.

This blog will touch on some fun kids activities and back to school tips and tricks to help you and your child get ready to return to a safe classroom. Read on to learn more!

Make Things Fun!

Going back to school is a monumental event that all parents and kids can celebrate! This includes making the preparation for the upcoming school year fun, as well as fitting in some exciting kids activities along the way.

Buying school supplies doesn’t have to be a drag — it can be seen as a super-fun activity for families to do together. Is there a couple of weeks before school starts? Turning this into an anticipated event will get the kids engaged. Make a list of required supplies and then let your child(ren) have fun choosing the items themselves; notebooks, pencils, pens, a new backpack and so much more!

If new school supplies aren’t exciting enough, then surely a new wardrobe will be! The start of a new school year often marks the time for many kids to get some fresh, new duds in time for the changing season. Consider marking a mini-shopping spree on your calendar and stopping to grab lunch at your child’s favourite restaurant.

Encourage Positivity and Excitement

Going back to school after a fun-filled summer can be tough. This is why it’s important to remind children of all the positive and exciting aspects going to school will offer. And, after another round of online learning as a result of the pandemic, children have spent even more time than usual away from all of the fun elements that can be found in a classroom setting.

In the summer, kids can often lose touch with their friends from school. For kids living in Ontario, many of them have seen their friends since April. Wow! Be sure to remind your children of the excitement that comes with reconnecting with friends and, if possible, it might even be a good idea to arrange a few play dates with friends before the long-awaited first day back.

If there’s an extracurricular activity or favourite subject that your child has spent time away from, consider giving them a mini-assignment or an activity that will help them get back into the groove of learning again. This could be an art project, writing a short story or a fun, physical activity.

Create a Summer Memory Book

It’s always sad when summer comes to an end. One of the best ways to help your children gain closure with summer, and get them prepared to go back to school, is to help them create a summertime memory book. This is a great way to encourage your children to get creative and, along the way, allow them to strengthen their writing and processing skills.

Ideas include; printing photos of cherished memories, listing their favourite activities, collaborating with friends and family, painting, and drawing pictures. Then, compile everything into a book for safe-keeping.

Remember, kids… summer will come again!   

Book Your Play Date at Jumbaloo Today!

Why not mark the end of summer with a fun-filled day at our indoor playground! At Jumbaloo, we are thrilled to have our doors open once again and are here to provide your children with a safe, secure space to play, laugh and learn.

To book your next play date or party at Jumbaloo, call us at 905-785-3990 or visit our booking link.

We look forward to hosting your child’s next playtime adventure before they head back to school and into the classroom!

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Best Things to Do With Your Kids in Toronto & the GTA

Toronto is a great place to live, offering unique family-friendly experiences and several places to visit. Whether you’re just visiting with family or you’re one of the lucky ones who live here, you will find plenty of things to do. 

Having fun is important for your little ones. It develops their essential physical and social skills. No matter what your children are interested in, there are so many activities in Toronto. There are a lot of places that offer fun and adventure. Toronto also offers interactive and educational places where you can bring your children. 

If you’re on a family day out in Toronto exploring the best it has to offer, we have prepared a list for you. Below you will find the best activities in Toronto that your kids will love.

Indoor Playgrounds

Let’s be honest- kids love these! It’s simply the best gift you could give to your child. A place to run freely, laugh and play away while interacting with other kids of the same age is a guaranteed way to make your child happy. A public indoor playground is usually equipped with arcade machines, trampolines, toys and other equipment that your child will love. 


What better way to teach your children about the surrounding world if not by visiting a zoo or an aquarium? It is the perfect way to get them acquainted with the animal world and awaken their curiosity towards life. Let them explore the surrounding world by interacting with exotic animals as you teach them important lessons about the world such as compassion. 


Museum activities can be very fun, and they can teach your curious children about the world and provide memorable learning experiences like no other activity or place can. Some of the best child-friendly museums you will find in Toronto are Montgomery’s Inn, Colborne Lodge, Bata Shoe Museum, and others. 


Toronto is brimming with great arcades bringing you the best of fun activities for kids. Arcades put at your disposal a multitude of games that kids with all types of interests will find thrilling. More than that, they will help your child burn energy before bedtime. Arcades also make for perfect birthday parties that no child will ever forget. 

Toronto Islands

You can’t miss the opportunity to take your children to the famous Toronto Island Park that contains great trails, beaches and children’s amusement rides. Spend some quality time exploring the nature trails with your family and discover amazing views of the islands. For more adrenaline-pumping fun activities for kids, though, the Centre Island, which also happens to be the most famous section, puts the Centreville Amusement Park at your disposal with different rides and even a zoo. 

Contact Us Today

Jumbaloo is your go-to place for fun and adventure in Toronto, welcoming children between the ages of 2 and 12. You can throw amazing birthday parties there for your little ones. This indoor playground offers great arcade games, diverse equipment and slides and an eating area with delicious snacks and healthy food. There’s no other place like it. 

Jumbaloo takes safety measures very seriously ensuring your children are safe at all times. They have staff and supervisors present all over the perimeter and they require parental supervision as well. 

If you want to book a birthday party for your little one, you can call 905-785-3990 or contact them on the following email info@5z4.64a.myftpupload.com.