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Crafting Custom Mother’s Day Cards with the Kids

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a special and meaningful opportunity to show your mom or the mother figures in your family how much you care. This year, why not add a personal touch to your tradition and get creative together with the kids? Here we give you some ideas for crafting custom Mother’s Day cards that can be enjoyed by moms of all ages.

Get Crafty!
Creating custom cards is an enjoyable way to express love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. Younger children can easily make colorful cards with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. But even older kids might appreciate a chance to craft something handmade for mom. Consider providing them access to a range of materials like scissors, glue, foam paper shapes, glitter stickers and more. Together they can brainstorm ideas like pop up cards, foldable cars, or any other design they come up with. Encourage children to use their imagination and create something unique for Mom!

Add in Photos
To make the card extra-special, incorporate pictures of your family into it! You can attach photos directly onto the card or let the kids draw self-portraits or scenes inspired by family moments. Or if you have access to a photo printer at home you could print out pictures from recent family trips or special occasions that Mom would love to see again.

Finishing Touches
If you’re looking for one last unique detail for the card, consider adding scents like perfume oil drops or essential oils so your crafts will smell as good as they look! Once your cards are complete simply write down a special sentiment inside each one, so Mom knows exactly how much she means to all of you!

Crafting custom Mother’s Day cards is just one idea among many when it comes time to celebrate Mom on her special day – but it’s sure to leave her feeling appreciated and treasured. Remember that Jumbaloo can help make this year even more memorable: contact us today and take advantage of our vast selection of wholesale handicraft items perfect for creating your own personalized gifts this season.


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Creative Play and Its Impact on Children’s Mental Development

Creative play has a significant influence on the mental development of children. It aids in their cognitive, emotional, linguistic, physical, and social development. Through creative play, children can develop skills that will serve them into adulthood.

Benefits of Creative Play for Cognitive Development
Creative play helps to boost cognitive development by allowing children to explore the world around them using all their senses. Through creative play, children can find new ways to solve problems and think creatively. This type of exploration helps them develop better problem-solving skills as well as a deeper understanding of the world around them. Additionally, creative play encourages creativity in young minds and helps foster an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships.

Enhancing Emotional Development Through Creative Play
Creative play is essential for developing strong emotional regulation in children. It allows them to express themselves freely without fear of judgement or criticism. It also enables them to explore their feelings and emotions safely through various activities such as storytelling and dress up games. This kind of exploration is beneficial in helping children understand different types of emotions, how they manifest in different situations and how they can be managed effectively. Additionally, it gives children an opportunity to practice empathy towards others and gain insight into other people’s emotions as well as their own.

The Role of Language Development in Creative Play
Encouraging language development through creative play helps children sharpen their communication skills from an early age. By engaging with books, puppets, and characters from storybooks, they learn vocabulary words which help broaden their English language capabilities significantly. Additionally, playing with toys such as blocks, or Lego pieces allows kids to experiment with arranging objects in specific order creating stories that have narrative structure – this serves as the basis for creating longer sentences later on in life when more complex conversations arise.

Building Social Skills Through Creative Play
Including other people during creative play provides a great platform for reinforcing positive behavior amongst kids while teaching important social skills such as sharing and turn taking at the same time too! Sharing stories also gives kids an opportunity to practice negotiation skills while trying to reach compromise with one another if they don’t agree on a particular outcome or idea. Similarly constructive games such as card games or building puzzles together help create a sense of collaboration between peers which is incredibly valuable for child’s social wellbeing down the line!

Overall, it’s clear that nurturing your child’s mental growth with creative playing is beneficial short-term providing joyous fun filled moments but most importantly long-term by shaping his/her personality into one that leads successful life ahead! If you want your child to benefit from our programs, contact us at Jumbaloo today and take the first step towards unlocking your child’s full potential!


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Top Parenting Hacks to Get Your Kids to Help With Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a time-consuming and stressful task, especially when you have young children to take care of. But, with a little creativity and some effective parenting hacks, you can turn this annual chore into a fun and engaging activity for the whole family. Here are some top parenting hacks to get your kids excited about spring cleaning.


Make It a Game – Turn Cleaning Into a Competition or Race


Kids love games and competitions, so why not turn cleaning into one? You can create a fun challenge for your kids by setting a timer and seeing who can complete their assigned cleaning tasks first or have a friendly competition to see who can clean up the most items in a set amount of time. 


Another idea is to create a scavenger hunt with a list of items that need to be cleaned or organized around the house. Give your kids a set amount of time to complete the scavenger hunt and provide a small reward for each item they find.

Let Them Choose Their Own Cleaning Supplies


Children love to have a sense of independence, so giving them the freedom to choose their own cleaning supplies can make the cleaning process feel more enjoyable for them. Allow them to pick their favorite cleaning spray, cloth, or even a specific type of cleaning tool to use during the clean-up time


Consider taking your kids to the store to pick out their own cleaning supplies. Let them choose their favorite color cleaning spray or a special tool that they’ve been wanting to use. This can make the cleaning process feel like a special event and give your kids a sense of pride in the work they are doing.


Give Them Labeled Bins or Baskets


Organizing and sorting items can be a great way to get kids involved in the cleaning process. Give your children labeled bins or baskets to sort their toys, books, or clothes. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach organizational skills while getting the house cleaned up.


To make this activity even more fun, consider having a labeling party with your kids. Provide stickers and markers so they can decorate their bins and baskets and make them their own. 


Reward Them With a Special Treat


Offering a special treat is a great way to incentivize your kids to help with the cleaning. Consider rewarding them with their favorite snack, a trip to their favorite park, or a small token of appreciation for a job well done. This can make the cleaning process feel like a fun activity and give your children something to look forward to.


Another idea is to create a reward system where your children can earn points or stickers for completing their cleaning tasks. Once they earn a certain amount of points, they can redeem them for a special treat or outing. 


Encourage Them to Clean on a Regular Basis


Encouraging your children to clean on a regular basis can help them develop good habits and make cleaning a routine part of their lives. You can assign them regular chores for kids, such as making their bed or putting away their toys at the end of each day. 


To make this approach more fun, consider creating a chore chart with different tasks and assign each task a point value with prizes to be won.


Find More Fun at Jumbaloo Playgrounds

Looking for more fun things to do with your kids? Our indoor playgrounds are perfect for kids during any season! Contact Jumbaloo Playgrounds at 905-785-3990 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.

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Budget-Friendly and Fun March Break Activities for Kids

When March Break arrives, one of the first things most parents think is “What are we going to do?” You want to make the most of this time with your children, but you also don’t want to break the bank and overspend either. The good news is you can achieve both of these goals!

Here are some March Break activities that will keep your kids occupied and having fun without blowing your budget.

Catch Up with Family

One of the best parts of March Break is that most kids in most school districts have the same time off all at once. This makes it perfect for visiting grandparents, cousins, and other family members that you may not get to see very often. Cousins and grandparents love seeing relatives and they’ll likely even entertain your kids the whole time, so there isn’t even much for you to do.

These trips will be memorable for both you and your children and they likely won’t cost you anything at all, minus the travel costs.

Make a Homemade Recipe

Most children love to help in the kitchen. Depending on their age, there are a lot of things you can do to spend some time together and create a new recipe. Younger children can help with mixing, measuring, and pouring while older kids may want to take on the entire project themselves – with your help, of course.

There are many different ways you can approach this. One fun option is to have a make your own pizza or make your own taco night. Not only do you get to have the fun of putting a meal together as a family, but you also each get to design the specific meal you like. There’s a better chance of your child actually eating their dinner if they help prepare it.

Another option is to bake something together. Cakes, pies, cookies, and loaves are popular with just about everyone and kids love preparing them. Plus, you get to eat them once they’re baked, so everyone wins!

Check Out Any Free Events in Your Neighbourhood

Many neighbourhoods have free events happening during spring break. For instance, you might find free family concerts, arts and crafts events, sporting events, and much more happening nearby for free.

Look at local websites, newspapers, and social media outlets to find free activities near you. Local businesses may also offer events like free lessons and more, so check with them as well.

Visit the Library

The library is a great place to spend time with children during March Break. First of all, where else can you borrow books, music, and videos for free? Many libraries even have digital collections that you can download and use at home.

In addition, there’s a good time you’ll find a lot of events and classes happening for free at the library as well. For younger kids, there are often storytimes, sing-along sessions, puppet shows, plays, and much more. For older children, you might be able to find classes and seminars geared toward anything from STEM to cooking to art.

Book a Playdate at Jumbaloo

One thing most parents want from March Break is activity. While a family movie night or video game tournament is certainly fine, you don’t want your children to spend the whole time sitting on the couch looking at a screen.

Another thing you likely want is to have your children spend some time with friends and enjoy their time together.

A solution to both of these issues is to book a playdate at Jumbaloo! It’s a great way to make sure your kids are having a fun and memorable time while staying active and playing with other kids. We have an indoor jungle gym, trampolines, and much more that children from toddlers to age 12 will love! For more information, please call us at 905-785-3990 or contact us online.

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Creative Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start With Your Kids

February is fun-loving, especially for children. The world needs more love without commercial pressure into gift buying, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to engage your little ones with Cupid-approved kid-friendly activities

We’ve comprised a list of family time fun to build new Valentine’s Day traditions and lasting core memories.


Read Love-Themed Bedtime Stories

Reading to your children provides a sense of adventure and security, even comfort from the sound of your voice. Love-themed bedtime stories are the perfect way to explore playful ways the story’s character expresses love or even who gives it to them.

Books are full of teaching opportunities that show healthy ways to give and receive love and even laugh at the comical ways Cupid gets involved. Curling up with your kids over a book is a love language they will never forget.


Decorate With DIY Paper Hearts

Breaking out the craft paper, glitter, stickers, and pipe cleaners thrills kids of any age, including grown-ups! Creating your own Valentine’s Day paper hearts allows everyone to let their inner Cupid out with bursts of colour and imagination.

You can use them as fun decorations around your front door, around the dining room table, or as gifts for each other’s rooms. Their happy bursts of colour will surely bring a smile to your face every time you see them.


Do Random Acts of Kindness

Giving love is as simple as holding a door open, giving a care package to someone in need, or helping a neighbour shovel snow. Kids love the chance to do nice things for others, and it boosts their sense of self-worth at the same time.

Ask your kids to sit down and write out a list of what they feel are random acts of kindness and how they can participate. Then, gather any needed supplies and plan a special day full of spreading love and joy to others.


Have a Cozy Movie Night

Some of the best family time comes from watching a movie together. So, why not make it Valentine’s Day themed? Perhaps dinner and a movie are in store, where heart-shaped pancakes with raspberries and pink whipped cream are sure to please—pre-make fun little grab bags with popcorn and candies.

Then, pick two or three of your favourite love-themed movies and go one step further and create a cushion fort, Valentine’s snacks you made together and complete the event with improvised costumes.


Craft Cards for Loved Ones

A handmade Valentine’s Day card is always more meaningful, and children put a lot of heart into their creations. For the recipient, it is a touching keepsake that overjoys and delights far past the occasion. 

Find several Valentine’s Day card ideas online, then help your child select their materials. For example, you could paint the wooden part of a tree and use your child’s fingerprint for the leaves, forming a heart canopy. 

There are many designs to pick from; some may involve more of your help. Or, your child may prefer to design the whole thing themselves and personally deliver their creation.


Take Your Kids for A Fun Playdate

Nothing is cuter than watching children deliver their Valentines to their friends and family and seeing their reactions. So why not set up a special Valentine’s Day playdate at Jumbaloo Playgrounds in Mississauga, ON.? With an enormous indoor jungle gym and activities, your kiddos can delight in imaginative games to their heart’s content, then settle into an event room for organized fun.

Spread the love with your children this Valentine’s Day at Jumbaloo! Arrange your playdate online or by calling 905-785-3990 now!

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How to Beat the Winter Blues as a Family

The time after the holiday season can sometimes be tough. It’s cold and there isn’t much sunlight during the day, and that can make you feel down in the dumps. The holiday activities are over, you’re tired, and you might be struggling for things to do. This time can be especially difficult for people who have children. Most kids like to be up and active and running around, and that’s hard to do when it’s dark and cold outside.

The good news is there are a lot of things you can do to beat the winter blues as a family. Here are a few ideas.

Build a Blanket Fort

Everyone loves blanket forts, especially children. If you have a lot of blankets and pillows in the house, you might even be able to build one that the whole family can fit into! This is a great way to spend the day and your children will be thrilled! Plus, if they spend the day building, they won’t be spending it asking for more screen time.

Enjoy the Winter Weather

Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time outdoors. The winter weather can be very enjoyable if you bundle up and prepare for it. Dress in layers, bring some hot chocolate along with you in a thermos, and go for a walk in the snow or play a sport as a family. Hockey is obviously the most common choice, but there are all sorts of ways to get out and get active during the winter. If you have a sled or a toboggan, that’s a good option too!

Have Theme Nights

If you’re looking for ways to add some excitement and fun to your winter break or any other winter evening, consider putting together a theme night. For instance, organize a movie night with popcorn, snacks, and a special movie that you’ll all enjoy. You can even make tickets and assign seats to make it more fun.

Or why not have a build your own pizza night? Kids of all ages will love this and it’s also a way to prepare a dinner that they’ll actually be excited about eating!

Think of what your children like and then create a night based on this theme. You can even dress up as superheroes or princesses or crime fighting dogs if that’s the sort of theme you’re interested in!

Visit With Family or Friends

The winter time is the perfect time to visit family and friends, especially if you haven’t seen each other much lately. Plan a day together and enjoy each other’s company. Socializing and spending time with the people you care about is an excellent way to beat the winter blues. You can even come up with some activities to do together so that everyone is involved and happy. Divide into teams to play a sport, put together some games or do some crafts, or watch a movie together. Whatever you do, you’ll be happier and feel more fulfilled if you do it with friends or family.

Try a New Hobby Together

If it’s cold and dark and you’re stuck indoors all day, why not take this opportunity to try a new hobby? Maybe you’ve been meaning to get into painting. This is a perfect chance to do it as a family. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to knit or do woodworking. Watch some tutorial videos online or take books out from your local library, then start learning as a family. It’s the perfect chance to grow as a group.

If you’re looking for some indoor fun during a cold and dark winter day, Jumbaloo Playgrounds has you covered. We have an indoor playscape structure that kids of all ages will love. It’s a great way to burn off some energy and be active without having to worry about the cold. For more information, please contact us online or give us a call at 905-785-3990.

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Get Your Kids into the Holiday Spirit with These Unique Ideas!

The holiday season is filled with magic, wonder, and time spent with family. It’s a wonderful time and a great opportunity to introduce your children to the traditions of your youth as well as a chance to make some new ones as a family.

If you’re looking for some holiday activities that will get everyone in the spirit of the season, here are some tips.

Make Gingerbread Houses or Other Festive Treats

Children love putting together and decorating gingerbread houses because they’re something you can all do together, they look really cool when you’re done, and you can eat them. Plus, before you do, they work as a great decoration! This is an opportunity to really be creative as a family.

Making other festive treats such as gingerbread people, sugar cookies, muffins, and other baked goods are also fun for children. Kids can help with stirring, mixing, measuring, and decorating all the treats.

Read Holiday-Themed Stories

Reading holiday stories is a fun way to spend time together and get into the holiday spirit. There are so many options out there and choices that are great for kids of all ages. Reading the same stories every year can be a fun holiday tradition for your family and finding some new tales is a great chance to expand your child’s library.

This is a perfect way to liven up bedtime for younger kids. You can get nice and cozy, read books together, and talk about your wishes for the holiday season.

Sing Carols Around the Neighbourhood

This year, why not get together with some friends and neighbours and sing carols on your street?

Not only will singing put you in the festive spirit, but you will also get to share the joy with your neighbours. It’s great to catch up with people and perfect for bonding with the entire street during this special time of year.

Take a Walk in the Snow

It sounds simple, but why not take a walk in the snow with the family? Everyone will enjoy seeing the winter wonderland that forms outside at this time of year, with the ground and the trees covered in snow that sparkles in light and makes everything look truly magical.

There is a lot of festive fun that can be had in the snow. Kids can build snow people, go sledding, make forts, and even have a snowball fight. Get the whole family involved and make a day of it!

Decorate the House

Putting up holiday decorations is a great way to spend time with your family. Whether you have boxes full of items you’ve been putting out year after year, or if you’re starting from scratch with a brand new look, this is a great way to spread holiday cheer through the entire household.

Trim the tree with ornaments, place lights inside and outside the house, and hang garland and festive décor wherever you wish. You can even make decorations and ornaments with your family, such as snowflakes cut from paper, painted ornaments, festive scenes, and other art.

Have a Special Holiday Dinner

Spending time together with lots of delicious food is something everyone in the family can truly appreciate. Whether you decide to have a traditional holiday feast or whip up (or order in) something new, this is a great way to bond as a family.

Everyone can help with food preparation, setting the table, and more. Then you can sit around and chat with one another while you eat. It’s a great chance to slow life down and enjoy each other’s company.

One of the best parenting tips anyone can ask for is advice for what to do with kids to keep them entertained and happy. At Jumbaloo Playgrounds, we have created the perfect place to play, host parties, and have a great time. If you’re looking for a great way to add some extra fun to the holiday season, we’re here for you! It’s perfect for burning off some energy after a big holiday meal! Contact us online or call 905-785-3990 today to find out more.

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5 Easy Fall Activities to Do With Your Kids

The changing seasons bring many opportunities for fall activities with your children. Since most of us are kids at heart anyway, fun ideas for the kids are also the chance to relive our favourite childhood memories and traditions.

Break out your autumn sweaters and get ready for plenty of giggles and bonding over these fun and inexpensive activities this fall.

Go on a Nature Hike

Fresh air is always good for the lungs and the spirit, and kids love to venture out for nature hikes. Coming across wildlife, discovering interesting little creeks, and jumping around in the falling leaves are all tantalizing good fun for adventurous young minds. 

Exposing children to the outdoors engages all the senses, from crackling leaves underfoot to taking in the changing colours around them. You also get the chance to share some of the knowledge your family gave you as a child, which makes your nature hike a teaching moment too.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Everyone has to eat, but kids get bored quickly. So take your meal outdoors with the bonus of playing at the park. A picnic can be finger food, taco Tuesday, or all the bells and whistles with potato salad. 

Even something as simple as a picnic can spark adventure and creativity. With the park nearby, they can interact with other children, invite friends for playdates, and enjoy the jungle gym. 

Make Pumpkin-Flavoured Baked Goods

Some of the best memories come from baking together in the kitchen, and fall is the perfect time to savour pumpkin-flavoured goodies and other seasonal delectable treats. Tastes and smells help cement memories in the brain, and cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and apples are all delicious ingredients that warm the belly.

Add baking to your list of fall activities, especially on days when the weather doesn’t allow for happy outdoor playtime. Whether you make pumpkin cookies, pie, or muffins, all are yummy snacks kids enjoy. Also, consider bobbing for apples and then making an apple pie from the spoils! 

Create Scarecrows Out of Old Clothes and Sticks

Scarecrows aren’t just for farmer’s fields. They make a fun addition to your front yard or doorstep and give your child plenty to chat about with friends. Thankfully, they are relatively easy to make and don’t cost hardly anything.

While on your nature hike, remember to gather some long straight sticks of various lengths. To make your scarecrows, you will need the following:

  • Old clothing, hats, and boots
  • Sticks or wooden broom handles
  • Sturdy craft twine
  • Old pillowcases or burlap
  • Felt markers
  • Straw or cotton batting

Stuff pillowcases or burlap to form a torso and head, then dress them in the clothing. Allow your kids to choose what they wear and draw a face. 

Read Stories by the Fire

Children love the comfort of snuggling in for story time, so why not read to them by the fireplace with comfy blankets? Or, if the weather permits, have a Weiner roast at the park and follow it up with smores and your favourite story from your childhood.

Reading together sets the stage for your kids to become readers themselves. It also presents fun ideas for kids to explore the world around them and ask questions as they learn.

Build Lasting Traditions Indoors and Out

Sometimes the weather isn’t great, and you still need to get the kids out of the house to burn off some energy. Jumbaloo Playgrounds is the perfect place for kids 2-12 in Mississauga, ON, to play, host birthday parties, and jump on the trampoline year-round. 

Bring your kids for unforgettable fun! Book your party or event online or by calling 905-785-3990 today!

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Making Thanksgiving Fun and Educational

As fall arrives and the leaves start to change color, many families in Canada begin preparing for Thanksgiving. 

This holiday is a time for getting together with loved ones, eating delicious food, and giving thanks for all that we have. 

But did you know that Thanksgiving can also be a great opportunity to teach your kids about our country’s history? With a little creativity, you can make this year’s celebrations both fun and educational for the whole family! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Teach Your Kids the History Behind the Holiday

The first recorded Thanksgiving celebration in Canada took place in 1578 when English explorer Martin Frobisher held a formal ceremony to give thanks for surviving his expedition to find the Northwest Passage. 

While this event is often cited as the first Canadian Thanksgiving, it’s important to note that it wasn’t actually held on Canadian soil—Frobisher was still in what is now known as Newfoundland and Labrador, which didn’t become part of Canada until 1949. 

Thanksgiving became an annual holiday in 1879, but it was originally celebrated on different dates throughout the country. In 1931, the Canadian Parliament declared that Thanksgiving would be held on the second Monday in October. 

So why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Originally, the holiday was meant to give thanks for a good harvest. Nowadays, it’s also seen as a time to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. 

Explain to your kids how different life was back then – no houses made of wood, no roads…and no turkey! Help them to understand how grateful we should be for all of the modern-day conveniences we have. 

Turkey Arts and Crafts

One of the most iconic symbols of Thanksgiving is the turkey. What better way to get your kids into the holiday spirit than by having them make their own turkey crafts? 

There are tons of easy and fun turkey crafts for kids of all ages available online. Just do a quick search and you’ll be sure to find something that your little ones will love. 

If you want to keep it simple, you can make turkeys out of paper plates or feathers glued onto construction paper. Or, get creative and have fun with it! You can even use those decorated turkeys as place cards at the dinner table.

Make a Gratitude Tree

This is a beautiful way to visualize everything your family is thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving Day. 

Find a branch from outside and put it in a pot or vase filled with sand or rocks. Then invite everyone to write down something they’re grateful for on a slip of paper and hang it from one of the branch’s twigs using string or yarn. 

On Thanksgiving Day, you can read all of the notes together as part of your grace before dinner. Not only will this activity remind your kids (and yourself!) to be grateful for what we have, but it also makes for a lovely decoration in your home!

Attend a Fall Parade or Fair

Many communities host fall festivals or parades leading up to Thanksgiving weekend. This is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the autumn weather while also supporting local businesses and organizations. 

Check your local newspapers or websites to see if there are any events happening near you. Bonus points if you can find an event with a historic or educational focus! 

Make the Holidays Count!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend Thanksgiving this year, look no further than Jumbaloo Playgrounds!Indoor playgrounds are perfect for kids of all ages, and they’re a great way to burn off some energy before or after a big holiday meal. Call us at (905) 785-3990 or fill out our online contact form today.

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4 Fun Fall Activities for Your Little Ones

As summer comes to a close, it is essential to remember that the fun does not stop when school starts. You are encouraged to plan fun fall activities for your kids, so they can have a healthy balance between homework and having fun as a family during weekends.

Consider taking them on nature walks or going apple picking. Other ideas include having fun through some creative leaf art or heading to your local library for some quality reading time. Read on for some fun activities you can do with your kids this fall.

Go on a Nature Walk

Fall is an ideal time to get out of the house and explore the great outdoors. The temperature outside is no longer scorching hot, and the foliage is a sight to behold as it changes from a bright green to different shades of red, yellow, and orange. Allow your children to explore without too many restrictions, all while keeping a close eye on them for their safety. 

A stroll on the nearby nature trail at your local park will surely lead your child to a new world of wonder, where they learn about the ecosystems they share with wildlife. On top of getting some fresh air, your children can bring home some souvenirs such as remarkable rocks, a pretty bouquet of wildflowers, or some leaves to later turn into leaf art.

Make Leaf Art 

Kids love being creative, and one of the most popular fall activities for kids includes the impressive foliage that makes its way onto the ground every autumn. All you need are a collection of leaves, some craft paper, glue, and other decorative embellishments to add the final touches to the art piece. 

There is no limit to what your child can create with the leaves, from drawing a tree trunk and gluing the leaves to create an autumnal tree or perhaps using short red leaves to create a lion with a full mane of hair. 

The kids can even create a turkey using the leaves as feathers; this would be a good idea for Thanksgiving celebrations. Encourage your children to be creative and let them express themselves through their art.

Read Some Books About Autumn 

What is a good fall-related activity for kids? We often think of heading outside when trying to entertain our children, but a visit to the library is time well spent. Reading can be just as fun as playing in the park. 

You can use your time at the library as an opportunity to teach your children about the changes in seasons and what causes them to happen. The books you read can also expose children to other popular activities and traditions that many participate in during the fall. 

There is the harvesting season for many farmers, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and apple picking (not to mention all the baking that comes with a bushel of apples).

Go Apple Picking 

Probably the most popular of the outdoor fall activities mentioned, apple picking has become a staple for many children. Often done as part of a school field trip in some parts of North America, apple picking is an ideal activity because kids adore exploring the orchard and searching for the best possible apples to pick. 

It becomes a fun game of who can fill up their basket or bag the quickest. Kids enjoy seeing the fruits of their labour turned into the most delicious desserts ranging from apple pie to apple turnovers and, of course, apple sauce. 

You can even get them involved and teach them the basics of baking. Apples also make a great snack on their own and are healthy. 

Looking for Another Fun Option?

If you have run out of fun fall activities or if your children want to try something different, you can always visit Jumbaloo Playgrounds in Mississauga. Call us at (905) 785-3990 or fill out our online contact form to plan your visit with us.